We first started out humbly in early 2000s.
We provide Solar Control, Safety & Security and Graphic tinted window films supply and installation.

Throughout 20 years plus of experience, and the words of mouth; Titan Solar Window Film are now recognized as quality Solar Control Tinted Window Film specialist.

In 2010 we started to market Titan-branded Solar Control Window Film.
In 2016 we are caring 3M Autofilm & Window film Authorized dealer.

With the same year , we build up a Auto Detailing & Coating Car Centre for all kind of Cars Detailing Treatment & Coating Services under company “Paint Correction Solutions Sdn Bhd”.

We have completed and satisfied thousands of customers of various backgrounds.


Our company goal is to enhance customer’s experience by

Maintain and  Improve product quality & service
Improve price-to-performance ratio of each films.
After-sale services to ensure customer’s satisfactory
Ensure our products comply to JPJ Malaysia regulations


To be the premier installers of energy saving window films.
To understand your problem, move forward to a solution and have the vision, resourcefulness and persistence
to see the solution through to fruition.

Titan Solar Film helps you find the right solution.
Our Team will be able to match your needs to a product, professionally install it and stand behind it.

BRANDS we carry




9H ceramic coating

Eco steam

Polish & wax